Who Attends?

The American Historical Association (AHA) is the largest professional organization in the United States devoted to the study and promotion of history and historical thinking. Only the AHA brings together historians from all specializations and professions, embracing their breadth, variety, and ever-changing activity. The AHA has 12,000 members and over 100 affiliate organizations, many of who hold sessions as part of the AHA annual meeting. 4,500 historians attended the 2018 meetings in Washington, D.C. The Exhibit Hall regularly includes over 80 or more exhibitors.

What attendees are saying…

  • I learned about a number of primary source digital collections, especially digitized western newspapers.

  • I picked up several books that I am considering to use in upcoming classes.

  • I found a reader that I might use in a course next year.

  • I learned about several interesting databases.

  • I learned about quite a few new titles in my field.

  • I happened on some interesting books that I had not seen advertised, and noted mentions of some books that are forthcoming from presses I check regularly.

  • I had an in-depth discussion with an editor about several series at their press.

  • I visit to speak with editors about their new offerings (identifying books for review in the journal I edit), but this year I was also there to talk about a book series that I edit and about launching a new one.

  • I went to see my own published work on exhibit.


Attendee Statistics

Principal Employment

  • University 39%
  • Four Year College 34%
  • Elementary, Middle or Secondary School 3%
  • Other 3%
  • Junior College, Two Year College, Technical Institute 2%
  • US Government 2%
  • Museum/Research Center, Library/Archive 2%
  • Non-Profit Organization 2%
  • Business or Industry 1%
  • Self-Employed 1%
  • No Response 11%

Adademic Rank

  • Professor 21%
  • Assistant Professor 17%
  • Associate Professor 16%
  • PhD Candidate 9%
  • Graduate Student 8%
  • Lecturer 4%
  • Adjunct 3%
  • Staff 1%
  • Undergraduate Student <1%
  • Part-Time <1%
  • Not Applicable 7%
  • No Response 13%